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vol 6 - issue 02 (oct 2003) :: stories
hollywood insider scoop by staff member #716
illustration by justin greathouse

HOLLYWOOD, CA - Following the tremendous success of the critically-acclaimed 2001 blockbuster Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles, movie studios have been scrambling to find other hot '80s franchises to revive.

Already holding the rights to the Short Circuit series, Columbia Tristar quickly put development of a third film into motion.

A few points of interest about the film’s script are revealed in the plot synopsis available on Columbia Tristar’s website. Johnny 5, the loveable robot protagonist from the first two movies, has apparently decided to join our country’s working force. However, despite being an American citizen (see Short Circuit 2), he encounters relentless discrimination in his job hunt due to his mechanical heritage. Desperate for cash, and finding himself in the San Francisco area, Johnny 5 decides to enter himself into the BattleBots fighting robot tournament.

“We have high expectations for this picture, and are confident that it will pay off,” said Columbia Tristar CEO James Challey. “We wanted to update Short Circuit for the new millennium, and the only thing hotter than '80s nostalgia right now is BattleBots. This movie is virtually guaranteed not to fail.”

Along with the Johnny 5 robot, the cast includes Bill Nye the Science Guy, Carmen Electra, and former BattleBots Super Heavyweight Champion, Minion. Returning to the series will be Fisher Stevens as inventor Benjamin Jabituya, and Steve Guttenberg as key grip.

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