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vol 6 - issue 12 (aug 2004) :: everyday people
Interview by Night Watchman




Mary Carey: Hey, Watchman? You know, Jeff's an idiot-- the guy who called you to set this up-- because I told him to make it for one o'clock my time because I'm getting my hair done right now.

Night Watchman: Oh, okay.

MC: But I guess I can talk while I get my hair done. I might say "ouch" occasionally because I'm getting extensions, and they pull.

NW: Okay.

MC: But I told Jeff-- he's just... I don't know. He always makes mistakes.

NW: (laughs)

MC: But I really like him. I think it's because he just got out of heroin rehab--

NW: (laughs)

MC: --or he was in jail. That's what it was.

NW: (laughs) Nice.

MC: I'm not kidding. I'm not being facetious, he really was. And I think he has no brain cells left, so he makes mistakes a lot. I really like him, I just think his brain is not right. I went to Warped Tour, and he set that up for me, but he was just a big mess dealing with them.

NW: (laughs)

MC: But I can do it now while I'm getting my hair done. It's fine.

NW: Cool. It shouldn't take too long.

MC: I'm a talker. It'll take a long time.

Both: (laugh)

NW: To start out with, I should let you know that I'm recording this conversation, and our interviews are transcribed verbatim.

MC: That's good because I talk a lot and you wouldn't be able to write it all down. Can you put that Jeff's an idiot in there?

NW: Yeah, I can put that in there.

Both: (laugh)

NW: To start then, you ran for governor of California.

MC: Yeah.

NW: When you started off did you think you had a chance of winning, or was it just kind of a PR thing; just something to get your ideas out there?

MC: It was kind of all three. In the beginning, I obviously thought I had no chance. But then it escalated, and after a month it was like, "What if I won?" (laughs) You know, people kept asking, "What if you win?" I guess there was the .001% chance that I could win, but I really didn't worry too much about it.

NW: Yeah.

MC: But it kind of started off as, the owner of Kick Ass Pictures-- the porn company I work for exclusively-- called me up one day and said, "You wanna run for governor?" And I was like, "Okay. That sounds like fun." He used to do PR before he started the porn company, so he knew it would be good. And then, because I was able to be funny and myself in the media, they liked me and kept showing me.

NW: Right.

MC: It kind of took on its own life, you know? In the beginning, we had to call people to get interviews, and now people call us.

NW: Right. Well, I saw that you got more votes than Gallagher, so that's gotta be satisfying.

Both: (laugh)

MC: That was good. I was kind of disappointed that Gary Coleman beat me, though. But he didn't beat me by much. (laughs) And I won the game show. We did a game show with me, Gary Coleman, Nate Walton-- the Walton son-- a college kid, an old man, and this guy who dresses in blue. And I beat all of them! The top three went on to the voting round, and I won some votes. (laughs)

NW: (laughs) Nice. So it started off as a PR thing, but are you bitten by the political bug now?

MC: You know, I am. It's funny, because I went to Sacramento recently to campaign with the Freedom of Speech Coalition, which is a group that fights for the right to free speech, because John Ashcroft's always trying to crack down on stuff. Anyway, when I was there campaigning, all of the legislators and senators wanted to get pictures with me, and they told me I should stay involved in politics. So I think I might run for state assembly of North Hollywood.

NW: That would be cool.

MC: I think it comes up in a year. But I definitely want to run for governor again, too, because I think it'll be funny, like, "Oh. She's back."

Both: (laugh)

MC: Taking Arnold's line: I'll be back.

Both: (laugh)

NW: So, you're relatively new to porn. You started in 2002?

MC: Yeah.

NW: What brought about the idea of doing porn?

MC: I was a theater major in college in Florida. I grew up in the Ft. Lauderdale area, and I started working in a strip club because I was on my college dance team. I was a full-time student, so I needed a part-time job where I could make good money and only work a couple of days a week. So I decided to try a job in a strip club. And I saw the feature dancers, which are the porn stars that came in as special guests. And I thought, "I could do better than these girls."

NW: (laughs)

MC: And I always used to see porn stars on Howard Stern.

NW: Right.

MC: So I thought it would be fun and good money. And it was a chance to be an actress, I guess. So I went out to California, went to all of the porn companies and took Polaroids for them, and then they started hiring me. I got tons of girl-girl work. And then I worked for Playboy TV, and they eventually gave me my own show... kind of. It was me and a couple of other girls. It went really fast, but I liked doing it. It was fun.

NW: Yeah.

MC: You should do it. (laughs)

NW: (laughs) So how do you see where you're going to go next? I know that right now you're exclusively with Kick Ass Pictures.

MC: Right.

NW: Do you see yourself continuing in porn, or are you going to try and go into more mainstream things? Do you have an overall plan of where you want to go, or are you just seeing where it takes you?

MC: I'm trying to see what happens. I mean, I have my porn contract for at least four more years. (laughs) But I don't have to make anything if I don't want to.

NW: Right.

MC: It's just that if I do make movies, I have to do it through them. But I'd love to do more mainstream stuff. I'm doing an independent movie that goes to the Sundance Film Festival. I'm working on that the next couple of weeks. That's pretty exciting. But I definitely will stay in the movies, do whatever's given to me, and have fun. Just make good money and have fun doing it. (laughs)

NW: Yeah. I saw something on your website where it said-- I forget what the context was, but it said "Mary Carey owner, Mark Kulkis".

MC: Oh, yeah. You know what? That was because my webmaster made a typo. Mark is the Kick Ass owner.

NW: Oh, okay. (laughs)

MC: Yeah. I told him to fix that. He's not my owner.

NW: (laughs) I saw that and was like, "Wow. These must be pretty exclusive contracts."

Both: (laugh)

MC: (laughs) I told him to fix that. I wonder how many other people read that.

NW: (laughs) That caught me off-guard.

MC: (laughs) Mary Carey owner.

NW: (laughs) So since you're relatively new to the business, how do you perceive it? There's a lot of stigma with the adult industry. You know, not just from John Ashcroft and those kind of bastards, but from people who say that it's this machine that just chews up young women and spits them out. Have you seen any of that kind of stuff?

MC: I think 95% of the girls are in the business for no more than a year. And those women may have a few fans, but they never become anything; they'll never get a big enough name to feature dance. It's kind of like, if you come in the business and know nothing about it, those are usually the girls who don't know anything about the industry. They don't research it. They just come in, let people give them work, and they get their money. If you come into any industry, any career, if you become a lawyer but don't research it, you're not going to do well.

NW: Right.

MC: You're not gonna do well and you'll be out. That's kind of the fault of the girls. But if you're a smart girl and know what you're doing when you go in, they're not going to take advantage of you. I came in and knew a lot about it. I knew whose careers I wanted mine to be like. I researched it to see what you have to do. You have to get a contract, usually, to do well. In order to make money, you have to be overexposed, which is like 20 movies a month. And then you're shot out, you know?

NW: Right.

MC: So if you don't research it you're not going to do well. And I researched. I mean, obviously, if you are... I don't know, 800 pounds with one eyeball and one foot, you can do research and you're still not going to be any good in the industry. (laughs)

NW: It's a very niche market for that kind of performer.

Both: (laugh)

MC: (laughs) Someone like that might not do as well. A lot of beautiful girls will come in, and you think they are going to be stars, but they're not. A lot of girls in porn are very dumb. I don't know why... it's very strange. Like, I actually went to a really great private school in Florida, and I went to college, but I'm definitely one of the few.

NW: You said you wanted your career to go a certain path. What stars were you looking at, as far as their career paths, that you wanted to emulate?

MC: Well, Jenna Jameson. She's been in the business about eleven years now. I used to see her on Howard Stern a lot, and she's done very well for herself. And I think in the two years I've done it, I've become almost as well-known as her. Ginger Lynn, also. She's done very well. And Ron Jeremy. I'm friends with him. He's really great. I love Ron.

NW: Yeah. We've interviewed both Ginger and Ron.

MC: Yeah. I talked to Ron and said, "I have to do this interview with this magazine tastes like chicken," and he was like, "Yeah." I love Ron. He's great. Those people have done well. They make money off of their names. Those are the people I want to be like, so I have a long-lasting career.

NW: Right.

MC: Maybe not the same way. Everyone has to come up with their own way to get well-known. Everyone can't do the same thing.

NW: Do you think that a lot of girls don't do well, not only because they don't do research, but because they don't have such a specific goal as you? Like not getting a contract? It seems like a lot of girls just fall into it thinking they're going to be a mainstream movie star and end up doing porn almost by accident just to pay the rent.

MC: Some girls do that. But these days you get more girls coming to porn that want to be porn stars. A lot of girls want to be Jenna Jameson-- almost every girl. But they just don't have any clue how to do it. The way to become a porn star is just like in the mainstream: you have to be able to speak and have a conversation with someone. (laughs) And a lot of these girls can't do that.

NW: Right.

MC: You can be in 500 movies or you can be in ten. And the girl in ten can be more well-known because she's been on Howard Stern a lot. Things like that. We get a lot of girls coming in now that want to be actual porn stars. I think it's different than it was ten years ago, where girls almost fell into it. Now you get girls that come out here to be porn stars.

NW: Do you think that porn itself is becoming a lot more mainstream?

MC: Definitely. I definitely think that porn's more mainstream now. I did a show on VH1 where I was a commentator, and I don't think you would have seen something like that five years ago. And I think that's definitely thanks to Ron Jeremy doing a lot of stuff. And Ginger Lynn, Jenna Jameson... those same people helped make porn more mainstream.

NW: Right.

MC: Howard Stern's helped a lot, too, by having us on all of the time.

NW: So, it's a big deal-- especially with the president and all of them-- to have sex outside of marriage. So do you think it could get to a point where a porn star could ever win a governor's race?

MC: Maybe. I don't know about the next one. I think Arnold's going to stay in term for some time. I don't know, though. We'll have to see how open-minded people get. You'll always have those people who don't like you. I just went back to my high school. There was this little local wrestling thing going on, and this guy called me and wanted me to walk into the ring and surprise everyone from my high school. There were about 60 people there, and maybe 20 or 30 of them were girls. My friend who was watching said when he went to get me, all the girls who were screaming just crossed their arms, stood there, and stared at me.

NW: (laughs)

MC: Of course, all of the guys went crazy. And so, obviously, those girls wanted it to be like, "Ewww. She's a porn star." You know, they're just jealous of porn stars. I think it's a combination. When I was 18, I was against strippers. I thought it was disgusting. At the same time, I was kind of jealous of them because that's who my boyfriend wanted to go see dance. That's how I think it is with porn stars. People find them gross, but at the same time they're jealous of them because it's who their husbands are fantasizing about.

NW: Right. And it's funny because they could be doing the same type of things in the bedroom, but because a porn star's more out there doing videos and things like that, suddenly it's taboo or disgusting.

MC: Exactly. Although, some of these videos are getting quite taboo. (laughs) But I'm being hypocritical by saying that, so I won't say anything. (laughs)

NW: (laughs)

MC: There are some things going on that I'm just like, "Wow!" (laughs)

NW: What type of stuff?

MC: I think double anal is kind of much. I've never actually seen a movie with that in it. I don't know if I want to see that. But things like that are kind of scary.

NW: Yeah. The really gaggy kind of ones are not all that hot, either.

MC: Yeah. But I guess they sell real well.

NW: Going back to the girls who cross their arms: every guy fantasizes about a porno star or stripper. And most of them have "normal" girlfriends. Do you have any advice for guys that would like their girlfriends to get a little crazy in the bedroom?

MC: I would say try and get them to watch a porno, but guys can't just bring home one that's an all-sex, two hour movie. You gotta go out and get one with a plot. Try to get one with a girl that looks like your girlfriend. If you have a brunette girl with no boobs, don't go get a movie with a curvy blonde with big boobs. Because then your wife's gonna be like, "Ewww. Why do you like her?" Try to get one with a girl on the cover that looks like your girl, so she'll feel like, "Those girls are pretty and they look like me." Even if the girl doesn't really look like your girl, tell her that it does. (laughs)

NW: (laughs)

MC: If your wife is 5'2" and 300 pounds, don't go get a movie with a skeleton on the cover. Get a girl with curves. Get a movie with a plot that's not too hardcore. I think a lot of girls will learn a lot from watching it. Maybe try to get the girl to become a fan of the girl with you. You know? I have a lot of couples that are my fans.

NW: Yeah.

MC: But you definitely learn. I learned from doing movies. (laughs) You get better if you do movies.

NW: (laughs) Is it ever weird? Do you ever wake up in the morning and say, "I'm getting paid to have sex?"

MC: Well, I only do about six movies a year.

NW: Really?

MC: So, for me, it's not like girls who do it every day.

NW: Right.

MC: But I usually do girl-girl on camera. That way it's not what I'm doing in my normal, every day life, so it's like I'm going to work and doing something cool. But I do sometimes think it's weird. I had a fan come up to me in Chicago and say, "I really like the way you talk and curse when you're in your movies." And that was kind of weird.

Both: (laugh)

MC: But I do sometimes think it's strange. Like if I'm in another state and I see one of my videos. It's kind of weird. Because I never thought I'd do this when I was younger.

NW: But you don't shy away from it. You're not one of those people who is trying to hide your identity from people.

MC: The reason I took the name Mary Carey was because my real name is Mary. I thought if I had a name like "Victoria" or something, and I was out with my friends from high school and someone came up to me and called me "Victoria", I'd have to explain. That was my original plan. But once you've been on Howard Stern and the Internet, people find you. Especially the people who know you most... they find you first. So I realized there's no use in hiding it. The people who didn't want to know about it found out first. And now I don't even bother, because I'm very proud of it. These days, it's cool. Like people wear shirts with "Porn Star" on it.

NW: Right. I know you don't do your films very often, so it must be a little bit easier than someone who's working all of the time. But do you actually have fun and enjoy the sex, or does it get so technical that it's just not even satisfying?

MC: I've always liked it. It's always fun. The only hard thing is you have to open to the camera. Like you have to put your head to one side, which, normally, you wouldn't have to do if you're with a girl. (laughs) So that's a little weird. But it's fun. I definitely don't think it's technical. I think the girls who do it every day do get tired of it, and they're lying if they tell you they don't. I actually know girls who work every day, and the only sex they have is in front of the camera.

NW: That's gotta be kind of weird.

MC: Yeah. For me, it's still just fun.

NW: Now, because you're contracted with Kick Ass, does that mean you can only work with people who are with Kick Ass?

MC: I'm actually the only exclusive Kick Ass person. But what that means is I couldn't work with a girl who is exclusive with another company. There are probably only 30 girls who are under exclusive contracts with different companies. The rest of the girls are freelance. And I can work with any of those girls.

NW: Okay.

MC: As long as they don't have fake boobs. We don't let girls with plastic surgery work for Kick Ass. But I actually like girls with fake boobs, generally.

NW: Really?

MC: Yeah. Just because I like big boobs, and those are usually the only ones that are big.

NW: So are there any girls out there that you really would like to do a movie with, but you can't because they're contracted?

MC: Yeah. You know, I'd like to work with Sunrise Adams, but she's with another company. And Hanna Harper, who's one of my good friends. We've done a magazine layout together. We're both under contract with High Society together, which means I can't shoot any naked layouts for any magazine other than High Society, and she is too. But we can't do a movie together because she's with a different company. So those two girls, and there are always other girls coming in and out that I'd love to work with, but I can't. (laughs)

NW: (laughs)

MC: Hopefully one day, in five years or so, we'll all be on our own, you know?

NW: Yeah. So signing an exclusive contract is a good thing to do. What's the next good thing to do? Like Jenna Jameson has her own pocket vagina. Is that the next step?

MC: Yeah, that's definitely a good thing. I just molded all of my body parts.

Both: (laugh)

MC: I did it at the end of June, and the first one comes out in October. I'm the first boobs they're releasing. They never have released boobs.

NW: Really?

MC: Yeah. I think Jenna's actually under the same label: Doc Johnson. So that's definitely a good thing. Having a website is good, too. And getting a magazine contract. And if you can get a show on Playboy TV, that's always good, too.

NW: Yeah.

MC: So I guess it's good to try to hit every angle.

NW: What's the next big thing you have to work on breaking through in?

MC: I guess it's to do more mainstream television stuff, and mainstream magazine interviews. Like this. This is good. (laughs) This is a good step forward. Anything that reaches new audiences, which makes them go buy my movies, which allows me to make money so I can retire when I'm 30, 35, or 40. I don't know how old I'm going to be when I retire.

NW: Right.

MC: But, obviously, my career's not going to last until I'm 60. Not even 50, probably.

NW: Right.

MC: Although, Ginger Lynn's about 45, and she still looks really good.

NW: Yeah. Well, she kind of left the industry for a while and then came back.

MC: Yeah. She was a judge and I was a host of Can You Be A Porn Star? back in November. That's when I first met her.

NW: I've got to ask about the AIDS outbreak, and how everybody was quarantined. Now everybody's back to work. Is there a strange feeling in the air? Is everybody more cautious now? Because I know Kick Ass, and one of their things is no condoms.

MC: You know, actually, they're not. You'd think people would be more cautious, but I swear it's almost like everybody forgot it even happened.

NW: Really?

MC: I mean, I remember. I've always kind of been a worry wart about diseases. But it seems like most people have forgotten all about it. Like, "It's good now. Let's go back to work."

NW: Right.

MC: Some girls couldn't understand why they weren't working during that period. They were like, "I don't understand why I'm not working." People had to explain to them, "The reason you're not working is because there are diseases."

NW: It's actually pretty amazing that there haven't been more problems within the adult industry with AIDS.

MC: I think it's because you get tested every 30 days, and most people do take it very seriously because it's the way they make money. And, the only reason any of that happened is because they went to another country where they don't have the same testing we have here. Here we all use PCR-DNA testing, which is accurate up to ten days. And in other countries they don't have that advanced technology, so they might use ELISA testing, which is accurate up to three months. But if I were to show up with an ELISA test here in America, I wouldn't be allowed to work. But this company went to another country where they don't have that technology, and our American male performers worked with those girls who don't have the same testing. Then they came back here and worked.

NW: Right.

MC: If people are going to go to other countries and work, they should come back and be on a two-month quarantine. But I also think we should do testing every ten days instead of 30 for HIV. That's just my opinion.

NW: Well, you need to keep everything safe. Does that worry you that Kick Ass uses no condoms?

MC: You know, I understand why they don't use condoms, because guys generally don't want to watch a movie with condoms. And back in the day, around '95, no one ever wore condoms. But I think it should be up to the girl. If a girl doesn't want to work without a condom, then she just won't work for Kick Ass. Because I understand that Kick Ass needs to be able to compete with the foreign market where they don't use condoms. There's really only one or two companies that do mandatory condoms, and I know their sales aren't as good.

NW: Well, that's really all I have for questions. I do have one last question that we always ask everybody. In your professional opinion, do you think dogs have lips?

MC: Dogs have lips? Um... no. I don't think so. I have two dogs, and I'm trying to picture them right now. I don't think they really have lips. Their mouth opens, and it's kind of furry, but... you know, they don't have lips. Dogs do not have lips.

NW: Okay.

MC: Do you think dogs have lips?

NW: I think they do. They're just weird-looking. (laughs)

MC: Now I'm gonna go home and study my dogs.

NW: They definitely have a bottom lip, I think.

MC: I wish my dogs were here right now. I'd be able to tell you better.

NW: Well, is there anything else you wanted to cover?

MC: Tell people to go to my website, marycarey.com.

NW: Right.

MC: It's a really good website. It's $9.99 to join right now, which is a really good price.

NW: And what kind of goodies do they get for $9.99?

MC: Well, I put different picture sets up of me twice a week. And I have pictures of other girls in the industry; I update those once a week. And I have updated video clips once a week. So every month you're getting a lot of different stuff. Plus, I have a diary entry on the site. I tell how I'm feeling. I'm going to have a live chat feature soon where you can see me and chat with me; I'll probably do that twice a month.

NW: Any new runs for office going to be announced on there?

MC: Definitely. Anything new with my political stuff will be on the website.

NW: Great.

MC: Thank you so much. It was fun talking with you.


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