finally, a cover story from darby o'gill!

For years, the mystery of Bigfoot (also known as Sasquatch) has plagued mankind. Until now. In this exclusive story, we uncover the truth behind Bigfoot! There have been Bigfoot sightings reported as far back as 1967, and as recent as yesterday. But there was a period in the late Ď80s were there were no sightings. It was this fact that brought it to our attention that Richard Grieco is, in fact, Bigfoot! Look at the facts: In 1987 Grieco starred on the hit television show 21 Jump Street. At that same time, Bigfoot sightings stopped! Coincidence? I think not! Why do you think he always kept his hair spiked? It was to hide the fact that he has a pointy head! But why would Bigfoot want to be an actor, you ask? Well, just look at what 21 Jump Street did for Johnny Depp. Grieco saw the show as his sure-fire way into Hollywood. So he shaved himself down, learned to speak, and, in four short years, landed his first feature film. Little did the yeti know that it would be his undoing. The year was 1991. The film: If Looks Could Kill. Grieco played a high school kid on a field trip that is mistaken for a secret agent. You can probably see why you've never seen or heard of this film. The film made Grieco the laughing stock of Hollywood. Having been shunned, Grieco retreated back into the wild and returned to his Bigfoot ways. The sightings of Bigfoot increased shortly after the filmís release. Yes, it is truly a sad tale. Even more sad is the fact that Richard Grieco is not the first yeti to become an actor. Yes, there was a man that paved the way for young Richard. That man's name is Andy Garcia. Please keep in mind that I donít have any proof or facts to back that up, but Richard Grieco is still a fuckin' yeti!